Specialist Areas

Specialist Areas of Law

Drawing on our vast experience of defending major fraud and other serious cases both civil and criminal, we are able to provide immediate assistance wherever and whenever required and, in addition to our own highly professional team of more than 50 legal practitioners, can also call upon leading barristers, QCs, forensic accountants and other key specialists as necessary.

Areas include:-

  • Business Fraud
  • Serious Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • HM Customs & Excise
  • Tax Investigations
  • Duty Evasion
  • Directors Liability
  • Criminal Defence
  • Major International
  • VAT

HM Customs and Excise Prosecution
The firm has extensive experience and expertise covering duty evasion, money laundering, missing trader, carousel and other types of VAT fraud. We are also able to provide immediate assistance where allegations require our attendance at clients’ premises.

Inland Revenue Special Compliance Office
Bark & Co. has considerable experience in defending large scale SCO prosecutions and are able to defend cases of this type with the assistance of top forensic accountants.

National Crime Squad Prosecutions / Specialist CPS Prosecutions

Undercover Operations
Currently representing clients involved in the two largest undercover operations presently before the courts, we are accumulating vast knowledge of this type of defence work.

General Criminal Defence Work
In addition to specialist serious fraud defence, Bark & Co. also has solicitors who are members of local police station and court duty solicitor schemes. In such cases all types of general Legal Aid defence work is carried out for eligible clients.

Recent Cases

Cheney Fund Pension theft
Blackfriars Crown Court
Allegations of a conspiracy to steal just under £3 million from the CW Cheney & Son Pension Fund. [more…]

R –v- G
Southwark Crown Court
This case concerned an alleged conspiracy to defraud a major insurance company, The Prudential, of £42 million [more…]

Blackfriars Crown Court
Successfully defended an SFO prosecution involving a multi-million pound fraud in the internet and telecommunications industry. [more…]

R –v-H & others.
The firm acted for 3 out of 4 defendants charged following the largest investigation into police corruption ever to be conducted in this country [more…]

R –v- F
Southwark Crown Court
This high profile money laundering prosecution was brought following an undercover ‘sting’ operation, based in London and Gibraltar [more…]

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